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VooDoo Offroad P000043 Off-Road Recovery Kit - Starter Pack

VooDoo Offroad
MSRP $214.99
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VooDoo Offroad’s starter pack recovery kit is a necessary addition to every truck, SUV, side by side, or rock crawler. The starter pack recovery kit builds a foundation for all your off-road and 4x4 recovery needs. This kit includes (2) 42" traction boards, a D-handle pack shovel, 67-piece tire repair kit, and a fire starter with paracord. Whether you're stuck in the sand, have a flat tire, or need to start a fire, this kit has you covered.


  • 42" traction board set - VooDoo’s traction boards feature an advanced high-traction surface on both sides of the boards. This allows your tires to bite the boards while simultaneously adding pressure onto the board, in turn aggressively gripping the ground below. The enhanced Debris Channels allow for debris to pushed into the board, allowing your tire to properly grip the traction board uninterrupted. Made from high quality UV-stabilized, flexible polypropylene
  • The Mini D Pack Shovel - Heat-treated tempered steel head and rust resistant powder-coat with a durable fiberglass D-style handle
  • 67-Piece Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit - The 67-piece HD tire repair kit includes every tool and component you need for a tubeless tire repair. Even better, the black plastic carrying case houses the kit in a secured and organized way making it easy to store anywhere in your vehicle
  • Fire Starter with Paracord - Utilizing a high quality 4" magnesium alloy ferro rod, this fire starter gives you the ability to create a 5,500º F shower of sparks in any weather and or altitude. Not to mention, you’ll get more than 12,000 strikes out of this single fire starter. The fire starter is also attached to a 7-strand 9 ft paracord which can be used as an emergency tourniquet, extra rope, tent repairs, or boot laces.


Limited Lifetime Warranty for Original Owner

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