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VooDoo Offroad started with a commitment to make the best, industry-leading Recovery Rope available. With our ropes NO TRAIL WILL STOP YOU. All our products meet the highest industry standards and have been tested by real people in real vehicles on real terrain. Our new Santeria series is Greener with Greater Resistance to Fading, baggy End sleeves now included minimizing potential abrasion/fraying to both rope and sleeve. Shop our products to learn more about the new Santeria series by VooDoo!

What kind of VooDoo is this?
  • Greener with Greater Resistance to Fading
  • Baggy End Sleeves Now Included, Minimizing Potential Abrasion/Fraying to Both Rope & Sleeve
  • Thicker Rope Strand Diameter Increases Breaking Point by 5%
  • Joints & Ends Now Shrink Wrapped
  • All Ropes Covered by Our Limited Lifetime Warranty for the Original Purchaser of the Rope
  • Machine Tensed Soft Shackle Knots Improve Consistency
  • Minimize Knot Slippage While Under Load
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