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Voodoo Offroad Pet Leashes


Here's some VooDoo your best friend will certainly appreciate: Introducing the new VooDoo Offroad Leash made from  the  same  1/2" Kinetic  Recovery Rope  we  use  to  recover stuck UTVs!


Our 6' leashes have a breaking point of 11,700 lbs -- strong enough to wrangle a small Asian elephant (if you have one). They also feature a tough UV, chew, and slobber resistant coating.


VooDoo Offroad Leashes are available in VooDoo green or gray, and have an integrated loop handle on one end and an integrated clasp on the other.


• 6' long

• 1/2" Kinetic Recovery Rope

• Integrated Loop End

• Integrated Cast Steel Clasp

• UV, Chew, and Slobber Resistant Coating

• Breaking Strength of 11,700 lbs.

• Stretches 10%

• Available in VooDoo Green or Charcoal Gray